Why are you getting rid of csgo trading?

Why are you getting rid of csgo trading?

June 19, 2021 Comments Off on Why are you getting rid of csgo trading? By admin

The CSGO community is still reeling from the sudden closure of the online gambling website, CSGO Exchange, and a similar decision taken by Chinese e-commerce company Tencent in August.

Both companies have since stated their intent to close their platforms in the coming months, although no timeline has been given for when those decisions will be finalised.

In the case of CSGOExchange, the decision came after a long legal battle to stop it from being launched in the first place.

The site had been operating for a few months, but it only became operational in early September after the company was approved by the Chinese authorities.

The announcement came on the same day as the launch of a new version of the website called CSGO.it, which is also set to be rolled out in the near future.

However, the closure of CSGExchange will affect the thousands of players who use the site every day, and its closure is likely to be the last straw for some, as it means many of them will not be able to access their favourite games.

The closure of one of the biggest online gambling platforms in CS:GO’s history is a blow for the game, which has had its fair share of legal troubles.

Last month, a major dispute between Valve and a number of the game’s major players broke out, with Valve claiming that a number in-game currency was stolen and that players were using it to buy and sell virtual goods.

This led to a series of high-profile incidents including the arrest of five members of Valve’s staff and the dismissal of a number other staff members over the course of the dispute.

At the time, Valve was not able to explain why the currency was being used, and it has since been claimed that the money was used to fund a gambling scheme.

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