Why Apple is not taking its case to court over iPhone 4S sale

Why Apple is not taking its case to court over iPhone 4S sale

August 25, 2021 Comments Off on Why Apple is not taking its case to court over iPhone 4S sale By admin

Apple is refusing to take its case against Samsung to the US court system, despite a recent ruling from a US district court that it should.

Apple is claiming that the company should be able to appeal a US judge’s decision in the case, but is refusing on the grounds that it has been wrongly blocked by the courts.

The case, known as Samsung vs Apple, has been going on for years, and was a huge headache for Apple.

It involved a US-based firm selling a new smartphone to a US court that the iPhone maker said had a right to a fair trial.

Apple argued that Samsung had violated the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruling by trying to get it to take the case to US courts, despite the fact that it did not have a case there.

“It is clear that Samsung’s request to intervene in the United States District Court is in violation of the law and the court’s order,” Apple said in a statement released to the media on Friday.

“The court’s ruling will not allow Apple to challenge the validity of the Federal Circuit’s order.

The court’s decision will be enforced by the US District Court for the Northern District of California.

Apple cannot take this case to the Federal Courts in San Francisco and San Jose, where Samsung has been granted a temporary restraining order.”

Samsung’s lawsuit claimed that Apple breached the US Constitution by trying not to take part in the trial, arguing that the FTC’s ruling on the issue had been made by a “secret, non-public, nonjudgmental, and unadjudicated court”.

“Samsung is not a party to this case, and Samsung does not seek to delay or impede the outcome of the trial,” Samsung said in the statement.

“Samsung will defend itself vigorously in the court proceedings, and will vigorously challenge any attempt by Apple to delay the trial or prevent Samsung from presenting its evidence.”

Samsung and Apple have not made any comment on the court order, which was issued in January, and it is not clear what it means for Samsung’s case.

However, Apple’s position is likely to be strengthened by a ruling from the Supreme Court in April.