When you’re a teen and can’t do maths, you might just be the perfect teacher

When you’re a teen and can’t do maths, you might just be the perfect teacher

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Vumc Learning Exchange offers a virtual classroom for kids aged 8-12 to learn maths and English, as well as learning the arts and history.

It was launched by Vumco as a way to give youngsters a chance to interact with other pupils, and help them develop confidence.

The platform was designed with the help of Professor Mike Brown and the Institute of Mathematics and the Humanities.

But it’s not all about the mathematics.

There’s also a fun part to the platform, where kids can join other kids in learning to make toys, and make music together.

They can also build games, such as a platform where they can make their own games.

The kids can also create a mini-museum, which will be displayed in the virtual classroom.

Vumcom founder and co-founder of VumC, Chris McPhee said that a big part of his vision for the platform was that it would be fun for children to build things.

“I love to build.

That’s the thing about children, we can build things, so it’s exciting when kids get that chance,” he said.

“We want to provide them with a space to build something and to make something fun for them.”

The platform allows children to create, design and play with their own creations and toys.

They also have access to a video game library and access to the Vumca library, where they will be able to download and read books, as long as they meet certain criteria.

VumCOin also offers a variety of other activities, such an online music lessons, a virtual tutor and a children’s play club.

The organisation said the virtual lessons will be taught in the UK, and the music lessons in Germany.

The platform has received praise for offering a chance for kids to learn a new language, as its English teacher, who is based in London, said that the children would be learning to talk to a real person.

 “We want them to see themselves as people, rather than just as toys.

That is what is important,” said Professor Brown.

Vums co-founders said the platform could help with maths and reading skills, but there was no guarantee that it was going to be a good way to learn.

“There’s nothing wrong with doing maths and literacy but we know that some of the things that we’re trying to help children with, such a sense of humour and fun, we know it’s going to come with the right attitude,” said McPheese.

“And that is going to go hand in hand with a good understanding of how the universe works.

We’re looking to build a learning environment that is as fun and engaging as possible, and to give kids a chance of doing something that they really want to do.”

Vumco launched its new digital learning platform called Vumkitty on September 26.

It offers a wide range of activities, including a music lessons and an online tutor.

It also aims to make it easier for young people to become teachers and help young people develop confidence in maths.