US dollar falls against the euro as Brexit talks stall

US dollar falls against the euro as Brexit talks stall

September 21, 2021 Comments Off on US dollar falls against the euro as Brexit talks stall By admin

US dollar has weakened against the greenback against the European currency following a week of stalled negotiations.

The dollar rose as much as 0.1% against the yen at 110.96 yen.

It had weakened as much a point or 0.4% against other currencies, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Gold rose as the European Central Bank and the European Commission announced a plan to allow the central bank to buy a larger portion of sovereign bonds in the event of a trade dispute between Britain and the EU.

The EU has said it will buy more of its bonds if Britain leaves the bloc.

A weaker dollar will boost the value of U.S. Treasury bonds and the dollar, while helping to bolster stocks and other assets.

The European Central Fund, which oversees the U.N.’s bond market, expects the value in the markets to rise about 2%.

The dollar was up 0.2% against a basket of currencies.

The euro was down 0.5%.

The euro rose 0.3% against gold.

The U.K. government announced on Wednesday it would sell more of the government’s debt to keep its deficit from growing.

It would also seek to raise interest rates and cut spending.

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