U.S. is sending $4 billion to Israel over Gaza war deal

U.S. is sending $4 billion to Israel over Gaza war deal

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The U.N. Security Council approved the first peace package in a month on Monday for Israel to halt the fighting in Gaza.

The United States is also providing about $4.3 billion in assistance.

Israel’s request is expected to include an additional $4 million in humanitarian aid.

But the United States has yet to provide the Palestinians with a single dollar.

This is the first time in decades that the United Nations has approved a peace package for Israel, which has occupied the West Bank and Gaza since 1967.

The resolution will allow the Palestinians to resume work on the Green Line, which divides the West from Gaza, and the Strip, which Israel captured in the 1967 war.

The agreement comes as the U.K. and France and others prepare to deliver a separate peace package that would be more favorable to the Palestinians.

The U,S.

and other countries have also called on Israel to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Israel has already begun cutting off all imports and exporting to the strip, and Palestinian militants have seized some of the Strip’s only commercial crossings.


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday that the two sides must end the siege, which is “deeply destructive and illegal” to the Palestinian people and has killed more than 1,200 Palestinians and six Israelis since 1967, most of them civilians.

He urged Israel to allow humanitarian access to the Strip and halt the violence.

The Security Council, which approved the peace package on Monday, did not specifically mention Gaza, but U. N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon called the war “an existential threat to the world.”

The U., the United Kingdom and France all voted for the peace proposal on Sunday, while the U, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt abstained.


Secretary Ban Ki moon on the situation in Gaza (Reuters photo: Andrew Harnik) “The situation in the Gaza Strip is very, very serious,” Ban said in a statement.

“It is a humanitarian catastrophe.

There are many dead and injured, hundreds of families displaced.

And yet, the people of the region continue to fight for their lives and dignity.”

Israel has accused Hamas of violating the terms of the truce it brokered with Egypt in July.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have been negotiating on the framework of a new Palestinian state, which would be the largest in the world.

It would allow Palestinians to return to Gaza, which was captured in a 1967 war and has never been fully returned to.

Israel and the Palestinians have repeatedly insisted that any agreement would be permanent.


officials have said that Israel is preparing to give up its claim to the West bank and East Jerusalem, home to the holy sites, which were captured by Israel in the 1980s and remain under Jordanian control.

The two sides have been working on a final peace plan since November.

It has not yet been released.

The new deal will be put to a vote on Monday.

In addition to the aid, the U inks a commitment of $8 billion in military aid to Israel.

The money is expected in the form of $4-million per day in military training and support for the Israeli military, as well as equipment for Israeli soldiers and police.

U’s military has been accused of carrying out dozens of airstrikes in Gaza, including in the last three days of fighting, that killed three Israelis and wounded 20 others.

U also agreed to allow Palestinian fishermen to return home after a month-long blockade imposed by Israel.

Under the new peace deal, Israel must provide a number of other humanitarian items including health, education and housing assistance.

UNCLASSIFIED U.s of N. telegraphic mail From: [email protected] Sent: Monday, May 20, 2010 9:19 PM To: Mills, Cheryl D Subject: Re: Israel’s bid to ease humanitarian restrictions UNCLASSIFIED U,s of n. telegramic mail Subject: Israel bids to ease restrictions for Gaza Residents of the Gaza strip have received a relief package from the United State, including $4,3 billion for food aid, a request to restart the construction of the West Wall and other development projects and the transfer of the al-Dahiya border crossing to the Hamas-controlled Hamas-Fatah unity government.

The package, sent to the Israeli Prime Minister’s office Monday, comes as U. n.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the other leading members of the U-S.

delegation to the Us-Israel negotiations prepare to give a separate package of $1.6 billion in aid.

The aid will allow about 10,000 Gazans who have been living in a U. r. refugee camp in the Strip to return.

The State Department’s chief negotiator, Paul Bremer, said Monday the relief package will help bring the humanitarian situation to the negotiating table and will also assist with reconstruction efforts.

The Palestinian leadership was given $3.6 million by the United Sates to help it prepare for the reconstruction of its infrastructure