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Trump’s ad blitz for Iran is hitting a major obstacle

July 16, 2021 Comments Off on Trump’s ad blitz for Iran is hitting a major obstacle By admin

Trump has announced an $8.6 billion advertising blitz to boost U.S. military support for Iran, a step that will put pressure on Iran’s supreme leader to halt a nuclear program that could one day threaten the U.N. and the world.

The ads, which have not yet been publicly announced, include the “No More Iran” ad campaign by American-owned Teva Pharmaceuticals.

The company, whose stock is trading above $2.50, is widely regarded as a key player in the nuclear talks between Iran and world powers.

Teva, which has received a $500 million contract from the U and Iran to develop an anti-aging drug, was the first American company to enter the Iranian market.

The ad campaign aims to remind Iranians that the country is in the midst of a “civil war” that will inevitably end up being the U., not Iran, at the expense of the Iranian people.

It also targets the “no-fly zone” Iran has created around the U, and the United States, saying: “It is our duty to keep Iran safe and secure.

But we cannot ignore the need for a comprehensive, diplomatic solution to this conflict.”

The Trump ad blitz, part of a campaign to strengthen the U’s standing in the region and build trust with the Iranian public, will not include the sale of weapons or ballistic missiles to Iran.

Trump said Thursday that the ad campaign will be a “blessing” to Iran’s government and would help ensure that Iran does not use its nuclear program to gain military advantage.

Trump is set to hold a major event in Tehran later this week to unveil the Iran Deal, which he hopes will pave the way for negotiations to restart.

He has also vowed to “re-engage” with the country, saying he will “do everything I can to bring Iran to the table.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in a statement, accused Trump of “taking the world hostage” by attacking Iran’s leadership.

“I ask you to look at Iran’s history of hostility toward the United Nations, and you must not let this stand,” Rouhani said.

“The United States has shown its hostile attitude towards the international community by supporting Israel in its illegal war on the Gaza Strip and supporting the Saudi-led blockade on Yemen.

We know that the United State will never back down and will never give up its right to defend the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The ad blitz comes as Trump is trying to win over conservatives in Congress who have been skeptical of his nuclear talks.

They have also criticized him for his lack of engagement with Congress.

“In my view, it is a very dangerous idea to think of an Iran Deal and to go out and sell it,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), a potential 2016 presidential candidate, told The Hill newspaper.

“They’re not going to sell to the American people unless they get their act together.”